#Glee wallpaper: Merry Christmas Darling

Sorry for the delay guys.  But here’s another of the Glee Christmas wallpapers.


#Glee Commission/Request: Cory, Lea, and Chris wallpaper

This one took so long because I really only had one picture of them together (I finally managed to find a few more but once I started working on the actual wallpaper I found having so many pictures was WAY too busy).  I might do another one with more pictures but compositionally adding more to this one would have ruined it imho.  I hope she likes it.

#Glee wallpaper: Bad Romance

Images from Chris Colfer Online and Lea Michele web, cloud by Wordle.

Sorry about the noise in the images (particularly with Quinn and Rachel) I tried getting rid of it but I kept having problems getting it smooth and keeping the details. (Although if anyone has less grainy pictures from the tour I’d gladly do it again)

Commission/Request: Lea Michele

Here’s the requested Lea Michele wallpaper. (images from Lea Michele Web [by watermark, otherwise found them on a Russian site O.o ] Flower motif from Stock Exchange)

Congrats to Glee for the 19 Emmy Nominations

While browsing for Lea Michele pictures for a request I got bit by my muse and here’s the result.

The one bombarded with quotes is to celebrate Glee’s 19 Emmy nominations the quotes are extracted from reviews on Metacritic, Salon, and imdb.  I don’t own those words or images, I just wanted to make that clear.  A textless version is also available. 🙂  

Commission/Request: Puckleberry

In case you guys haven’t noticed my image provider Store Imgs has an internal server error and now the wallpapers are down. Currently I’m trying to replace the links on everything so all the wallpapers will be back up.  In the mean time here’s another wallpaper (there’s 2 versions because I couldn’t decide.)

Puckleberry (no collage)

Puckleberry with collage

Commission/Request: Finchel

Here’s the Finchel wallpaper as requested by KrisBraiden on the gleefan forums.

Commission/Request: St. Berry wallpaper

Here’s the St. Berry wallpaper that was requested. Brush used made by ElavielEvenstar

Oh yeah in case anyone was wondering, the halo is often used in religious art to denote holy status (saints have them…what can I say I love puns.)