Wallpaper: hyde VAMPS

L’Arc needs to start their tour already I need new scans.

But in the mean time here’s a new set of VAMPS (scans thanks to Aalen-chan)

full color:










BW variant:


Let Me Count the Ways…

Oh L’Arc why must I be poor and not be able to afford tickets to Japan to see your 20th Anniversary Live for my birthday? Why?

Wallpapers: VAMPS

Epic Report part 2

Here’s part 2.  These come in traditional and widescreen sizes (widescreen is the image traditional is the text link).


Words Series:

Are You Ready Series:


EPIC Repost Part 1

Some of you guys might recognize these from dA (before they got deleted) I finally managed to gt off my lazy butt and upload them.  Enjoy.

Note: Some of the wallpapers (early ones) are 1024×768 and others are 1400×1050, 1600×1200, or widescreen.  Sorry

2nd hyde wallpaper made...(embarrassed)

The first birthday wallpaper I made for hyde...you can tell

Happy Halloween

Just dropping by to say Happy Halloween and to leave you guys with this.

Feel free to comment…feedback and constructive criticism is always appreciated. 🙂