Commission/Request: NDH

I’ve been soooo bad with wallpapers lately because of work, Glee Tour, and my friend’s wedding. Sorry guys for the lack of updating but once everything is done I’ll be all yours again.

Here’s the Naya, Dianna, and Heather wallpaper that was commissioned here. (I never realized how hard it is to find decent high resolution pictures of Naya and Heather D: if Anyone has any link them in the comments and I’ll love you forever).


Commission/Request: Bartie SLS Edition

I’ve been a bad Glee fan but work and my friend’s wedding have been keeping me busy. I’ll be working on JD’s Request next (thanks for being patient and tolerating my fail guys).

Commission/Request: Bartie

Took a while but here’s a Bartie wallpaper as requested by uga-gleek at GF.

Commission/Request: Brittany

Here’s the Brittany request from the glee fan forums.  There’s two versions because I don’t know which one people would like more.  (I personally like the one with more white space [just the bar])