Commission/Request: NDH

I’ve been soooo bad with wallpapers lately because of work, Glee Tour, and my friend’s wedding. Sorry guys for the lack of updating but once everything is done I’ll be all yours again.

Here’s the Naya, Dianna, and Heather wallpaper that was commissioned here. (I never realized how hard it is to find decent high resolution pictures of Naya and Heather D: if Anyone has any link them in the comments and I’ll love you forever).


#Glee wallpaper: Bad Romance

Images from Chris Colfer Online and Lea Michele web, cloud by Wordle.

Sorry about the noise in the images (particularly with Quinn and Rachel) I tried getting rid of it but I kept having problems getting it smooth and keeping the details. (Although if anyone has less grainy pictures from the tour I’d gladly do it again)

Congrats to Glee for the 19 Emmy Nominations

While browsing for Lea Michele pictures for a request I got bit by my muse and here’s the result.

The one bombarded with quotes is to celebrate Glee’s 19 Emmy nominations the quotes are extracted from reviews on Metacritic, Salon, and imdb.  I don’t own those words or images, I just wanted to make that clear.  A textless version is also available. 🙂  

Commission/Request: Quinn/Dianna

Just finished the first Glee wallpaper request.  This one is for Starfish93 from the GleeFan forums.  I have to say I’m pretty proud of this one.  I normally don’t do very large collages (mine tend to get a little busy.) But I really like the composition of the other pictures behind the one on the left.  [I was originally planning on making them in the shape of wings, but I like to more organic feel it is in now]

Image resources: Glee Images, rawr-caps,  Getty Press, Moonchilde-Stock , hameed

Sue Sylvester and Quinn wallpapers- VOGUE and EXPRESS YOURSELF

Yeah, its another GLEE wallpaper, but come on its The Power of Madonna.