I’m not dead

Hey guys sorry for the seriously lack of updates (I have tons of excuses but really who cares it’s no excuse). In the mean time here’s a new Darren wallpaper I’ve done.



Blackbird and Darren Criss: GQMF

Here’s two more wallpapers I’ve been working on during the hiatus. I’m still not 100% satisfied with either of them but I’m at a loss of what to do to make me like them more. (I’m still working on some more with the GQ shoot though I love vintage inspired work)


Courage Series 1 of 4: Sometimes the biggest act of courage is a small one

NOTE: I got a HD version of the episode today so I re-did it (same images just higher resolution [although Blaine is now smiling in the Prom pic).

I swear I’ll get around to that Quinn/Santana/Brittany Commission soon (Klaine just won’t leave me alone and Prom Queen smacked my Muse into gear and it won’t leave me alone).

Anyways, this wallpaper is one of four in a series based around a series of courage related quotes I found perusing the web.  I thought it would be appropriate to feature our favorite Warbler, Blaine Anderson, for the first one.  I have to say I’m really liking what RIB are doing with Blaine (despite the fail-fest that was BIOTA) particularly in Prom Queen.

Even though Blaine was clearly afraid and apprehensive of going to Prom and potentially reliving a traumatic experience he really stepped up and stood by his man.   Yeah, he stayed discreet in his clothing choices and hid on the sidelines during the dance but when it counted stepped up to the plate and by simply asking for a dance showed McKinley High he wasn’t afraid or ashamed of being who he was. 

“Sometimes the biggest act of courage is a small one.”

Love at a Coffee Shop

Yeah I know its Klaine again (and late. Stupid iPhone took too long). So sue me. 😛 (the second one is a Teenage Dream Variant what was requested at GF)

Anyways Happy Belated Valentines everyone. 

Darren Freakin’ Criss wallpaper

I’ve been really slacking in the photoshop department lately but I managed to get past the artists block to get in a simple wallpaper.

And for those who aren’t familiar with the amazing man featured in this wallpaper (whose eloquence and way with words just make me proud to be a Starkid) check out his work with his production team or his music on iTunes.

And for those you already know and love Starkid and Darren I hope you enjoy the wallpaper.

#Glee Baby It’s Cold Outside

Sorry for being such a bad glee fan guys but work MMO obligations (FFXIV or DCUO anyone?) have been keeping me from my photoshopping.

But I come bearing a Christmas present.  (It’s Klaine but if people want another one I’ll do it)