Burt & Kurt: The Best Day

I’m not a country fan in any way shape or form, but when my friend Amber started playing Taylor Swift non-stop I was reminded of one of my favorite singer/songwriters Jewel (pre-pop).  I still don’s listen to country but I love Taylor Swift’s music.  The Best Day always struck me as a quintessential tribute to dad song and what better pair to have a themed wallpaper around than my favorite tv father-son combo, Burt and Kurt Hummel! (Congrats to Mike O’Malley and Chris Colfer for the Emmy noms).

Without further adieu.



Commission/Request: Kurt

Here’s the requested Kurt wallpaper for chriskurtcolferhummel from the Glee fan forums.

Commission/Request: PuckxKurt wallpaper

Here’s the Puck x Kurt wallpaper requested by OmiiLovesGlee on the gleefan forums.

In case you haven’t noticed the design is based off of Giorgio Armani’s ads (hence the two versions. )

Cheerios wallpaper

Here’s a Cheerios wallpaper (yeah I was lazy and used the same design aesthetic as my IM ones 😛 )

I’m not dead yet

I know I haven’t posted in a LONG time but school and work’s been keeping busy.  But luckily school is ending soon so I’ll have more time to make stuff.

In the mean time enjoy three new wallpapers

Two Glee wallpapers

Yeah, I know I’ve done the Ipod (Sonic) thing before but I couldn’t resist making one for my favorite Glee guys for my desktop and laptop.  I might make some for the other Glee kids if people want them.

Oh yeah and they’re HUGE (1920×1080) but if people need me to resize them just leave a comment. 🙂