Commission/Request: Bartie SLS Edition

I’ve been a bad Glee fan but work and my friend’s wedding have been keeping me busy. I’ll be working on JD’s Request next (thanks for being patient and tolerating my fail guys).


Commission/Request: Bartie

Took a while but here’s a Bartie wallpaper as requested by uga-gleek at GF.

#Glee Artie Abrams wallpaper

Since I’ve got nothing in the queue and some spare time between sleep and work I managed to get a new Artie wallpaper done with some of the new photoshoot images.  I’m definitely planning on making some more.  I think the next one will be Tina.

Kevin McHale = LOVE

I’ve been really slacking on my Kevin/Artie love lately so when I found a series of black and white Kevin McHale pictures while looking for Lea and Cory images I was hooked.  I knew I wanted to use them in a wallpaper but I didn’t know how when it struck me.  Kevin geek chic was always a “classic” look for me and what better way to show that off than to use a 50s motif.

I was originally trying to be lazy and find glitter vinyl to use as the background but I couldn’t find anything so I ended up making the glitter vinyl.  4 hours later I finally managed to get the look I wanted and had to make the chrome details.  Overall I  really love this wallpaper and I hope the rest of you guys do too.

Once I figure out a simplier way of making the glitter vinyl maybe I’ll post a tutorial on making the wallpaper; since I didn’t follow my normal procedure of making wallpapers to ensure replication of technique. D:

Also this is second largest wallpaper (file size-wise), the largest being the L’Anniversary wallpaper (down at the moment need to reupload it), at a whopping 2.5 MB so beware.  (And don’t hotlink it, its hosted via the wordpress) Thanks.

Congrats to Glee for the 19 Emmy Nominations

While browsing for Lea Michele pictures for a request I got bit by my muse and here’s the result.

The one bombarded with quotes is to celebrate Glee’s 19 Emmy nominations the quotes are extracted from reviews on Metacritic, Salon, and imdb.  I don’t own those words or images, I just wanted to make that clear.  A textless version is also available. 🙂  

Two Glee wallpapers

Yeah, I know I’ve done the Ipod (Sonic) thing before but I couldn’t resist making one for my favorite Glee guys for my desktop and laptop.  I might make some for the other Glee kids if people want them.

Oh yeah and they’re HUGE (1920×1080) but if people need me to resize them just leave a comment. 🙂