Commission/Request: Bartie

Took a while but here’s a Bartie wallpaper as requested by uga-gleek at GF.


Love at a Coffee Shop

Yeah I know its Klaine again (and late. Stupid iPhone took too long). So sue me. 😛 (the second one is a Teenage Dream Variant what was requested at GF)

Anyways Happy Belated Valentines everyone. 

Darren Freakin’ Criss wallpaper

I’ve been really slacking in the photoshop department lately but I managed to get past the artists block to get in a simple wallpaper.

And for those who aren’t familiar with the amazing man featured in this wallpaper (whose eloquence and way with words just make me proud to be a Starkid) check out his work with his production team or his music on iTunes.

And for those you already know and love Starkid and Darren I hope you enjoy the wallpaper.

#Glee wallpaper: Merry Christmas Darling

Sorry for the delay guys.  But here’s another of the Glee Christmas wallpapers.

#Glee Baby It’s Cold Outside

Sorry for being such a bad glee fan guys but work MMO obligations (FFXIV or DCUO anyone?) have been keeping me from my photoshopping.

But I come bearing a Christmas present.  (It’s Klaine but if people want another one I’ll do it)

Let Me Count the Ways…

Oh L’Arc why must I be poor and not be able to afford tickets to Japan to see your 20th Anniversary Live for my birthday? Why?

#Glee Team Tina and More Chris

Forget Edward and Jacob…I’m Team Tina. And thanks to soapbubbles511 from the glee forums for the RS Chris.

#Glee Artie Abrams wallpaper

Since I’ve got nothing in the queue and some spare time between sleep and work I managed to get a new Artie wallpaper done with some of the new photoshoot images.  I’m definitely planning on making some more.  I think the next one will be Tina.

Another Kurt wallpaper

I’ve been a bit busy lately with my new job, so sorry for the lack of updates.  As pettanance please accept this wallpaper:

Now available in purple!

#Glee Commission/Request: Cory, Lea, and Chris wallpaper

This one took so long because I really only had one picture of them together (I finally managed to find a few more but once I started working on the actual wallpaper I found having so many pictures was WAY too busy).  I might do another one with more pictures but compositionally adding more to this one would have ruined it imho.  I hope she likes it.