Commission/Request: NDH

I’ve been soooo bad with wallpapers lately because of work, Glee Tour, and my friend’s wedding. Sorry guys for the lack of updating but once everything is done I’ll be all yours again.

Here’s the Naya, Dianna, and Heather wallpaper that was commissioned here. (I never realized how hard it is to find decent high resolution pictures of Naya and Heather D: if Anyone has any link them in the comments and I’ll love you forever).


I swear I had a life at some point

Thank Goodness I bought extra black velour I keep messing up on Blaine’s hair. XD
Also good thing I didn’t try to make my own Dalton Blazer, Plushie!Blaine’s blazer is hard enough as it is.

Current Projects:
Courage Wallpaper series:
     Kurt 1 : 30%
     Kurt 2: 10%
     Klaine: 10%

Commissioned Wallpapers:
     Cheerios: 60%

Blaine Anderson – 35%
     Tasks left to do:
          attach shoes
          finish uniform
          re-do hair
          paint/iron-on face
Kurt Hummel – 30%
     Tasks left to do:
          attach boots
          attach gloves
          figure out hair
          make vest
          paint/iron-on face
          try not to kill self making the straight jacket

Commission/Request: Bartie SLS Edition

I’ve been a bad Glee fan but work and my friend’s wedding have been keeping me busy. I’ll be working on JD’s Request next (thanks for being patient and tolerating my fail guys).

Commission/Request: Bartie

Took a while but here’s a Bartie wallpaper as requested by uga-gleek at GF.

#Glee Commission/Request: Cory, Lea, and Chris wallpaper

This one took so long because I really only had one picture of them together (I finally managed to find a few more but once I started working on the actual wallpaper I found having so many pictures was WAY too busy).  I might do another one with more pictures but compositionally adding more to this one would have ruined it imho.  I hope she likes it.

Commission/Request: Lea Michele

Here’s the requested Lea Michele wallpaper. (images from Lea Michele Web [by watermark, otherwise found them on a Russian site O.o ] Flower motif from Stock Exchange)

Commission/Request: Wemma

Here’s the requested Wemma wallpaper.

Bokeh from regularjane

Commission/Request: Brittany

Here’s the Brittany request from the glee fan forums.  There’s two versions because I don’t know which one people would like more.  (I personally like the one with more white space [just the bar])

Commission/Request: Kurt

Here’s the requested Kurt wallpaper for chriskurtcolferhummel from the Glee fan forums.

Commission/Request: Puckleberry

In case you guys haven’t noticed my image provider Store Imgs has an internal server error and now the wallpapers are down. Currently I’m trying to replace the links on everything so all the wallpapers will be back up.  In the mean time here’s another wallpaper (there’s 2 versions because I couldn’t decide.)

Puckleberry (no collage)

Puckleberry with collage