Ben Whishaw

As you can probably tell I’ve been slacking on the Photoshop front lately. (I blame tumblr, comic books, and work)

But I have a new wallpaper (yay).

Ben Whishaw as Raziel for my Supernatural AU headcanon

As some of you may know I’m not overly religious but have always been fascinated by religious iconography (one thing hyde and I have in common), particularly with the subject of saints and Angels.

One of my favorite Angels I’ve come across is the Archangel Raziel from the Kabbalah. Known as the “Keeper of Secrets” and the “Angel of Mysteries,” Raziel is attributed to have been the author of the Sefer Raziel HaMalach a book which is said to contain the secrets of all knowledge (and believed to be a book of magic). When Adam and Eve were expelled from Heaven it was Raziel who gave them the book so they can return “Home” and better understand God. His brethren, disturbed by his actions, stole the book from Adam and cast it into the sea. God chose not to punish Raziel and returned the book to Adam. Over time that book was passed down to Enoch (who became the Angel Metatron) and later to Noah (by the Archangel Raphael).

With that backstory out of the way let’s go onto my head canon.

I have this Supernatural AU headcanon that the angel that told Castiel, “Don’t step on that fish Castiel. Big plans for that fish.” was his older brother Raziel. Raziel, being the only Angel other than Metatron to stand directly in God’s presence, knew all His secrets would have known of His plans (to create mankind as well as to leave the Host). Like his Father, (and later his brother, Castiel) Raziel would come to love mankind. After God left and Lucifer fell, Heaven wasn’t the same. His Brothers and Sisters argued amongst each other and disliked their Fathers new children. With his Father gone and his family splintered Raziel and Metatron left for Earth to live around humans. Since Raziel knew his Father was leaving and Metatron recorded the names of all the prophets both know that Chuck Shurley is their Father.

Wow this got away from me quick.

And for those with who want a wallpaper with no meta. (although I forgot to make a version without the blue eyes edit. Sorry)

Ben Whishaw: now 100% Meta free!


Wallpaper: hyde VAMPS

L’Arc needs to start their tour already I need new scans.

But in the mean time here’s a new set of VAMPS (scans thanks to Aalen-chan)

full color:










BW variant:

I’m not dead

Hey guys sorry for the seriously lack of updates (I have tons of excuses but really who cares it’s no excuse). In the mean time here’s a new Darren wallpaper I’ve done.


Courage Series 2 of 4: True Strength

Here’s the second wallpaper from the Courage Series. This was the quote and scene that  inspired me to do the series and it just screamed Kurt when I read it. I stumbled upon it while looking about quotation sites (yeah I’m a nerd 😛 ) and unfortunately don’t know who the line is from (but if anyone knows let me know).

“Anyone can give up, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it all together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that’s, true strength.” – Anonymous

Blackbird and Darren Criss: GQMF

Here’s two more wallpapers I’ve been working on during the hiatus. I’m still not 100% satisfied with either of them but I’m at a loss of what to do to make me like them more. (I’m still working on some more with the GQ shoot though I love vintage inspired work)


Commission/Request: NDH

I’ve been soooo bad with wallpapers lately because of work, Glee Tour, and my friend’s wedding. Sorry guys for the lack of updating but once everything is done I’ll be all yours again.

Here’s the Naya, Dianna, and Heather wallpaper that was commissioned here. (I never realized how hard it is to find decent high resolution pictures of Naya and Heather D: if Anyone has any link them in the comments and I’ll love you forever).

Klaine plushies update

Blaine’s feet are finally on!!! (I hate handstitching :P) And Kurt is put together sans shoes (guh more handstitching x_x )

So currently:

Blaine – DONE (although I want to redo his hair)

Kurt – 40%

Things left to do:

Finish Kurt’s SOWK outfit D:

Kurt hair and faces

I swear I had a life at some point

Thank Goodness I bought extra black velour I keep messing up on Blaine’s hair. XD
Also good thing I didn’t try to make my own Dalton Blazer, Plushie!Blaine’s blazer is hard enough as it is.

Current Projects:
Courage Wallpaper series:
     Kurt 1 : 30%
     Kurt 2: 10%
     Klaine: 10%

Commissioned Wallpapers:
     Cheerios: 60%

Blaine Anderson – 35%
     Tasks left to do:
          attach shoes
          finish uniform
          re-do hair
          paint/iron-on face
Kurt Hummel – 30%
     Tasks left to do:
          attach boots
          attach gloves
          figure out hair
          make vest
          paint/iron-on face
          try not to kill self making the straight jacket

Courage Series 1 of 4: Sometimes the biggest act of courage is a small one

NOTE: I got a HD version of the episode today so I re-did it (same images just higher resolution [although Blaine is now smiling in the Prom pic).

I swear I’ll get around to that Quinn/Santana/Brittany Commission soon (Klaine just won’t leave me alone and Prom Queen smacked my Muse into gear and it won’t leave me alone).

Anyways, this wallpaper is one of four in a series based around a series of courage related quotes I found perusing the web.  I thought it would be appropriate to feature our favorite Warbler, Blaine Anderson, for the first one.  I have to say I’m really liking what RIB are doing with Blaine (despite the fail-fest that was BIOTA) particularly in Prom Queen.

Even though Blaine was clearly afraid and apprehensive of going to Prom and potentially reliving a traumatic experience he really stepped up and stood by his man.   Yeah, he stayed discreet in his clothing choices and hid on the sidelines during the dance but when it counted stepped up to the plate and by simply asking for a dance showed McKinley High he wasn’t afraid or ashamed of being who he was. 

“Sometimes the biggest act of courage is a small one.”

Commission/Request: Bartie SLS Edition

I’ve been a bad Glee fan but work and my friend’s wedding have been keeping me busy. I’ll be working on JD’s Request next (thanks for being patient and tolerating my fail guys).