VAMPS review: The Wiltern

It’s a bit late but here’s my review for the Wiltern show, but work and school have been keeping me busy.


– My sister and I got there about 8 – 8:05 AM in the morning since I read that the Wiltern wasn’t letting anyone line up earlier than 8.  I heard that there were already people that came from the San Diego show in line the night before (I’m a lurker ^^ ), but I didn’t get off from work until 3 and needed to finish up Hyde and KAZ’s presents. #1 (or who I think as #1) was Hyde in this bloody bride dress which I absolutely loved (whoever you are, you are awesome) and she had us write our names and gave a number in the line since the autograph and concert line were the same(which is also ridiculously cool of them to take the time to do that, since most people wouldn’t be so considerate).  We were #138-139 but it actually wasn’t that bad (we got to be right in next to Denny’s door so every once in a while we felt the AC when the door opened ^^ )

Autograph session:

– Understandably people were nervous to meet VAMPS and get autographs and in the line we met people who travelled from Japan to get autographs because it’s normally not done there.  #137 (I don’t know if she would want her name posted so I’ll call her by her number) explained that she bought the band a magnum of champagne as a congratulations on their first show (as VAMPS) in LA (which when she gave it to them their faces lit up getting a laugh from the management team).  I gave them each a letter and a handmade rosary  (gold and red siam swarovski crystal with bronze crufixes and a St. Cecilia metal [St. Celicia is the patron saint of musicians]) that I’ve been working on for a few weeks and KAZ was a little surprised to get something (Hyde had a pretty nice pile by the time we got there).  In particular Hyde’s letter contained a list of Soba places in Southern California (J-san said he was looking for some at AX2009’s VAMPS panel) with a note saying, “See? Now you HAVE to come back. 😀 ” After receiving their presents they shook our hands (which was surprising since most Japanese people I know are very aware of personal boundaries) but both seemed to be very open and friendly.


– For the most part most of the people leaving the autograph session went back to their original spots and only left to get food.  There we talked about how we got into VAMPS and what forums we were a part of and what other groups we listened to while holding spots for people who needed to get food or use the bathroom.  About 4:45pm I went to drop off my things at my car and you could hear the band rehearsing it was like a private little concert so I stayed there for a little and around 5:45 I started walking towards the car when a bunch of Wiltern security people went looking around the premises.  Apparently someone managed to sneak in my sister called me back to the line since she planned on getting us food, so I booked it and waited.  About 6:00 the Wiltern people started telling us that we couldn’t have bags inside right despite the fact that a number of people didn’t have cars to put them in and didn’t have an alternative so my car was used as a locker for the people around us.


1. Bite

– A nice transition between the opening act and VAMPS.  There’s not really much to say otherwise. ^^
2. Love Addict

– Very energetic and a great choice to open the show with everyone was pretty pumped when this song came up and Ju-Ken was hilarious pointing at everyone telling us to make the VAMPS V and act crazy.  Once Hyde started singing though the floor section bum-rushed towards the stage.  I learned my lesson a few years ago on the Faith tour so I opted to stay toward the back/middle section of the hoard so that when people rushed forward I wasn’t trampled and could swing my arms without hitting anyone (about 5 feet from Hyde).
3. It’s Sad

– Another really loud song with lots of head banging from the band and audience, since the audio for the band was a little quiet it was hard at times to hear Hyde, but it was cool to hear some of the audience members sing with the lyrics.
4. Redrum

-There was a lot more jumping and arm waving in this number and I think this was the song where Ju-Ken lost his hat the first time.  (But I could be wrong) Ju-Ken and KAZ kept switching sides and the crowd swayed to and fro with the beat and dynamics.  It was kind of cool to see it almost synchronized like that.

**MC 1**

– Hyde’s MC was adorable as always, and he seemed not as nervous to talk as he did during the Faith Tour.  Most likely because he’s done it numerous times before.  He asked the audience to make sure we were very crazy because it was the last show and that it will be on the dvd.  (which of course was answered by cheers)
5. Vampire Depression

-This was the start of the volume problems with me at the Wiltern, while most of the song was legible for me when Hyde gets to the line “Set me free” in the chorus the keyboards and guitars overpower everything, but it was otherwise a strong performance.
6. Secret in My Heart

– I didn’t have as hard a time hearing Hyde as most people in the audience but even I found it hard to make out Hyde in the sea of guitar strumming and drum beats until the chorus came up.
7. Jesus Christ

– One of the best performances of the night and very well played by the band.  The best parts though were when Hyde sang with arms raised and eyes skyward sang, “God give me death” as the audience (at least those in the front) mimicked the motion.  You could really feel the emotions behind the song through Hyde’s performance even without seeing Hyde cry (I saw him tear up but I guess I missed the tears). Definitely one of the more moving pieces.
8. Evanescent

-Another cheer from the audience as the opening chord of this song rang out.  And lots of swaying to the beat or bobbing heads; a good break from all the more energetic numbers. And compared to Secret in my Heart earlier a lot easier to hear Hyde.
9. Countdown

– Right as Countdown started Ju-Ken threw up the VAMPS V and motioned for us to get rowdy again and the audience responded in kind, while Hyde and KAZ jumped backward on the stage. Already familiar to the audience, most people sang out loud to the song.
10. Dolly

– Another familiar song and Hyde did a pretty nifty 360 spin while playing guitar and the audience screamed midway through the first verse and Ju-Ken lost his hat for the second time during this number. My sister (who was in front of Ju-Ken) said that Ju-Ken lost his hat [the top hat] and traded it for an audience member’s  red fedora [did anyone else notice this?  I saw the different hat but thought it was a replacement for his original one]. Just as cool as when Hyde and KAZ played in Anaheim and I’m glad they brought it back.
11. Sweet Dreams

– One of my favorite songs and one of the better ballad performances (I could be biased though).   It was really cool to hear the whole audience sing with the band.
12. Life on Mars <– not too sure I’m pretty positive though, correct me if I’m wrong ^^

– I’m going to be honest and say I was spending most of this time trying to remember which song they were playing and trying to detach my pinned sleeves from my mesh shirt. >< It was waaay too hot in there after jumping around for the majority of show.
**MC 2**

– It was hard to hear this MC since people kept screaming while he was talking. But I do remember him asking, “If we come back will you come?” and after the chorus of affirmatives,  “really?”
13. Hunting

-Ju-ken and KAZ started this one and Ju-Ken kept pointing to us at the side to join in.  I’m guessing we weren’t loud enough for the band because Hyde, in his best impersonation of my band director, kept telling us one more time.  I think we did it 5-6 times by the end.
14. Hideaway

– One of my favorite Hyde songs and performances from the last live I went to I was ecstatic that they did this song.  Hyde swayed to and fro while KAZ alternated sides.
15. Trouble

– In my humble opinion the best performance of the night, the band starts the opening line and right as the rock beat comes in. Hyde, KAZ, and Ju-ken start jumping and head banging to the beat and the audience is jumping and swaying to the beat (a few people in front of KAZ almost had a routine with synchronized hand motions).  I don’t think there was a person on the floor that wasn’t jumping or singing to the song. VAMPS also added a car crash sound effect part way through the song and Hyde brings his hand to his face in an “uh oh” expression which got a few giggles from the people around me. (it was quite a-dorkable if I do say so myself)
16. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

– The first time I heard this song during Faith Live and on the Horizon single I wasn’t too fond of Hyde touching my Beatles, but I liked it better this time around (They stayed with the time signature [it was kind of all over the place the last time I saw it live, a big pet peeve of mine.]  and it wasn’t as “screamo” this time as last time).
17. Sex Blood Rock n’ Roll

– Easily the second best performance of the night and I think the rowdiest the audience got that night (Trouble was more “fun” than loud and crazy) with people jumping everywhere (the person landed on my foot a few times and we kept bumping into each other and I was almost smacked in the face with a waving arm).
*** ENCORE***
MC 3

– People kept screaming during the MC so it was hard to hear, but I think he said something about wanting to come back and that they were leaving right after this show (and that he didn’t want to) I did hear a few “stay”s but I didn’t hear too much of the MC.
18. I Gotta Kick Start Now

– I was waiting for this one the whole night (I thought it would be the opening song after Bite but was pleasantly surprised by Love Addict) another very high energy song and with the audience pumped up after SBRnR it was still lively throughout the song.
19. Midnight Celebration

– I think the previous songs tired out the audience because there was a lot more head banging and arm waving (and less jumping around) than the previous numbers.  But the band made more attempts to walk to the edge of the stage towards the fans.  Hyde ended the song with throwing a part of the mic’s roses into the audience.  KAZ and Ju-Ken threw picks out (this was the second time KAZ threw something at me and it bounced off my eye. You’d think I’d learn ne?)

All in all it was a great time and good preformance and one of my better concert experiences.


Of color psychology and tables

#804000, UPS, chocolate, trees, and Student Center tables. What do they have in common?

They’re brown of course.

What’s so special about brown you ask, why it’s the greatest color in all the world! (which is even more appropriate considering the things that are brown)

For instance according to color psychology the color brown says stability, reliability, and approachability as well as conveys a feeling of wholesomeness, stability, connection with the earth, and offers a sense orderliness. It is also associated with all things natural or organic. In fact people who study dreams believe if you dream of the color brown you’ll have luck with money.

What brought about my waxing of the greatness of the color brown you ask? Well on Friday I decided before heading off to study for finals that I’d eat over at the student center since I’ll probably not be back at school (after finals) until next quarter (I love Greens to Go, for more reasons than my love for green but I digress) and I decided to sit at my favorite brown tables.

I don’t think people really, truly appreciate the greatness that is those tables. Seriously, have you ever SAT at one of them. They’re GREAT. They’re sturdy, comfortable, out in the open, and get plenty of sunlight. And people just walk by them or sit inside in those chintzy grey tables and their fancy booths.

Seriously it’s like no one appreciates a good table now a days. It’s not like you can stand on the grey tables (like they could hold the weight hah!) let alone fit as many people in them. Besides the brown tables are where everything is at. The music on the stage, the people walking around, and the sunshine. The glorious yellowy sunshine.

Anyways, I was trying to make a point somewhere in this post, but umm anyways people should really sit at a brown table. They need love too.