Twilight review

As of last night I’ve seen the movie twice and while it has its cringe-inducing moments its an enjoyable film.

I have to agree with many of the posters though in that I felt that the film felt rushed and failed to establish the relationship between Bella and Edward.  You kind of get the sense that they love each other (and Rob and Kristen have wonderful chemistry) but for anyone who hasn’t read the books (like my friend Kevin who we dragged to the midnight showing) its hard to understand the characters’ motivations.  Why would Edward risk his family for this girl?  Why would Bella like this guy who’s treated her like crap in the beginning of the movie?

In addition scenes aren’t fully explained.  How are people who haven’t read the books supposed to know the significance of the Meadow?  The Piano scene? Or the Cullen family’s role and relationships in the franchise?  Part of the success of a franchise and the key to its longevity is the ability of the series to pick up new readers/watchers; and while that requires things to be mainstream for the general public it is why other franchises are able to pull in huge numbers (Harry Potter, Narnia, and LOTR are some examples), I think that Hardwicke should have focused on making the film friendly to both book fans and potential fans.

That being said. I did find the film enjoyable even if it didn’t have some of the scenes I wanted.  (I really wished that they had the blood typing, lunch with Edward, Tyler trying to ask Bella out, Cullen family scenes….the movie could of used 30 more minutes of character development imho it was only 2 hrs 2 mins anyways)

However, there were some scenes that I loved.  To name a few there’s:
– The baseball scene
– Visiting the Cullens
– Anything with Eric or Charlie (both were great)
– “I hope you enjoy disappointment.”
– “As if you could outrun me.” (one of the moments where Rob’s delivery was great, he’s better playing Midnight Sun [aka Edward’s POV] Edward than Perfect/Twilight/Bella’s POV Edward imho)
– “Everyone’s staring. ” “No not that guy…nevermind he looked.”
– The end of the prom dance scene, “Is it not enough to spend the rest of your life with me?” (paraphrased because I can’t remember the whole line XD)

Scenes I didn’t like:
– The biology scene (I understand that SM says that he is supposed to look like he smelled something foul [and he covers his nose and mouth]  Hardwicke didn’t need to keep cutting back to it.  It should have been a quick shot and then any glances back should have been Edward scooting away or glaring)
– Billy DRIVING the car as he’s glaring at Edward (he freakin’ handicapped that’s why Jacob drives him everywhere and why Bella has the truck)
– Edward looking like he was mauled by Tinkerbell.  (I always though he’d look crystalline in structure not like if he was thinking happy thoughts he could fly)

Overall I like who they cast as the characters (Kristen does this annoying twitching thing in the hospital but I can live) and Rob’s expressions are a little over dramatic but after they have some more time with the characters I think they’ll hone their performances.

Sorry for the wall of text. XD


More Twilight wallpapers

Okay here’s another wallpaper.


Alice and Jasper XD

Since I liked the look of my latest Edward wallpapers I decided to try it with Alice and Jasper (I would have done a wallpaper for each but all the promo pictures has both of them together).

Again the word cloud is made with Wordle.

Oh yeah if there is a demand I’ll post the pdfs of the word clouds for people’s use.

Edward wallpapers…again

I really need to get other wallpapers done (and poor L’Arc has been getting ignored as of late 😦 ), but I been messing with Wordle after playing with it with L’Arc songs (as soon as I get a decent looking one I’ll probably make L’Arc wallpapers with them) and decided to try it with quotes.  And since my friend wanted another Edward wallpaper I caved in and did another.

Edward and Bella widescreen wallpapers

Image: Twilight Official Poster brushes: Axeraider70 texture: wojtar-stock font: Carpenter -

Image: Twilight Official Calendar brushes: Axeraider70 texture: wojtar-stock font: Carpenter


Thanks to Marisol I’ve been bitten by the Twilight bug. XD And as you can guess it have made a wallpaper (and am currently working on another).

Now I know this one is a definite departure from usual style (read ridiculously girly) but I really liked causticstock’s victorian stock pack and just needed a use for it (and the fact that Edward’s old fashioned just seemed like a reasonable excuse). The font is Zelphir (I think it was loaded on my computer already) it’s the same font used on the cover of the book anyway. The paper textures are from stockexchange and the aforementioned Victorian stock pack.