Klaine plushies update

Blaine’s feet are finally on!!! (I hate handstitching :P) And Kurt is put together sans shoes (guh more handstitching x_x )

So currently:

Blaine – DONE (although I want to redo his hair)

Kurt – 40%

Things left to do:

Finish Kurt’s SOWK outfit D:

Kurt hair and faces


I swear I had a life at some point

Thank Goodness I bought extra black velour I keep messing up on Blaine’s hair. XD
Also good thing I didn’t try to make my own Dalton Blazer, Plushie!Blaine’s blazer is hard enough as it is.

Current Projects:
Courage Wallpaper series:
     Kurt 1 : 30%
     Kurt 2: 10%
     Klaine: 10%

Commissioned Wallpapers:
     Cheerios: 60%

Blaine Anderson – 35%
     Tasks left to do:
          attach shoes
          finish uniform
          re-do hair
          paint/iron-on face
Kurt Hummel – 30%
     Tasks left to do:
          attach boots
          attach gloves
          figure out hair
          make vest
          paint/iron-on face
          try not to kill self making the straight jacket

Repost: Sweeney Style

Here’s the second batch of reposts.

Sweeney Todd Profile by lidlesseye

Sweeney Todd by lidlesseye

Attend the Tale version 1



Hello World!

I’m sorry for the month of inactivity but work’s been keeping me busy and I still haven’t gotten around to making a personal site for all my work. So I did the next best thing and got a WordPress account (since WordPress [regular edition] needs a server and all that and I haven’t had the time to go shopping to set it up). So in the next few days I’ll be posting all my deleted wallpapers (and hopefully some new ones) to the Resurrection Hub [five points to the person who can figure out the references in the url and in the blog title].

And here…we…go!