Kevin McHale = LOVE

I’ve been really slacking on my Kevin/Artie love lately so when I found a series of black and white Kevin McHale pictures while looking for Lea and Cory images I was hooked.  I knew I wanted to use them in a wallpaper but I didn’t know how when it struck me.  Kevin geek chic was always a “classic” look for me and what better way to show that off than to use a 50s motif.

I was originally trying to be lazy and find glitter vinyl to use as the background but I couldn’t find anything so I ended up making the glitter vinyl.  4 hours later I finally managed to get the look I wanted and had to make the chrome details.  Overall I  really love this wallpaper and I hope the rest of you guys do too.

Once I figure out a simplier way of making the glitter vinyl maybe I’ll post a tutorial on making the wallpaper; since I didn’t follow my normal procedure of making wallpapers to ensure replication of technique. D:

Also this is second largest wallpaper (file size-wise), the largest being the L’Anniversary wallpaper (down at the moment need to reupload it), at a whopping 2.5 MB so beware.  (And don’t hotlink it, its hosted via the wordpress) Thanks.

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