Of color psychology and tables

#804000, UPS, chocolate, trees, and Student Center tables. What do they have in common?

They’re brown of course.

What’s so special about brown you ask, why it’s the greatest color in all the world! (which is even more appropriate considering the things that are brown)

For instance according to color psychology the color brown says stability, reliability, and approachability as well as conveys a feeling of wholesomeness, stability, connection with the earth, and offers a sense orderliness. It is also associated with all things natural or organic. In fact people who study dreams believe if you dream of the color brown you’ll have luck with money.

What brought about my waxing of the greatness of the color brown you ask? Well on Friday I decided before heading off to study for finals that I’d eat over at the student center since I’ll probably not be back at school (after finals) until next quarter (I love Greens to Go, for more reasons than my love for green but I digress) and I decided to sit at my favorite brown tables.

I don’t think people really, truly appreciate the greatness that is those tables. Seriously, have you ever SAT at one of them. They’re GREAT. They’re sturdy, comfortable, out in the open, and get plenty of sunlight. And people just walk by them or sit inside in those chintzy grey tables and their fancy booths.

Seriously it’s like no one appreciates a good table now a days. It’s not like you can stand on the grey tables (like they could hold the weight hah!) let alone fit as many people in them. Besides the brown tables are where everything is at. The music on the stage, the people walking around, and the sunshine. The glorious yellowy sunshine.

Anyways, I was trying to make a point somewhere in this post, but umm anyways people should really sit at a brown table. They need love too.

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