Wall-E Review

I just got back from the midnight showing of Disney/Pixar’s Wall-E and I have to say its one of the best films I’ve seen in a while (and quite possibly the best film of 2008). While Wall-E wasn’t quite as funny as the upside-down backwards running (video and audio) Bolt trailer (imagine John Travolta and high pitch characters speaking backwards with the screen flipped vertically), the film was cleverly conceived and its title character displayed an almost Chaplin-esque quality to his physical comedy. Eve, clearly the brains in the relationship, mixes it up with a bit of seriousness and playful that’s beautifully complemented with Wall-E’s naivety. In addition to the two protagonist, the audience is introduced to multiple robots (and humans) who as Wall-E’s harrowing adventure progresses become a little more human after meeting him. The film also borrows from its space opera roots and provides the audience of a cautionary tale of mankind’s gluttony and its dependence on machinery; that while important to the development of the human characters, takes that backseat to the love story between two machines. By in large (pun intended), Wall-E mixes a perfect combination of classic sci-fi drama and whimsical romance to make one of Pixar’s finest achievements.

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